Animal Shelter

The City of St. Robert currently works in conjunction with the Waynesville Animal Shelter. St. Robert's animal shelter facility is used only as an over-flow shelter when the Waynesville shelter is at capacity.

Spay / Neuter

The City of St. Robert asks that you please do your part by keeping your pets spayed or neutered and if you currently do not own a pet, consider making a home for one of the many animals currently housed in your local animal shelter.

Stray Animals

Please contact the Waynesville Animal Control Officer at 573-774-6509 if you know of a stray dog in your area or if you have any information that would help us find the original owners of any animals residing in our shelters. These animals only have a short time they will be available so please help us find a home for these animals as soon as possible.


If you or some one you know is interested in adopting, please call us at 573-774-6509 to schedule an appointment to see the animals in the facility. The fee to register the animal with a city license is $4 per dog.

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