Delinquent Accounts

Utility Bills are sent out no later than the last working day of the month and become due the 15th of the following month. If for whatever reason, you do not receive a bill by the end of the first week of each month, please contact us. We will be able to provide you with the necessary billing information so that your bill can be paid on time. Failure to receive a utility bill, does not entitle you, the customer, to delay payment.


The utility bill will become due and payable upon receipt and will become delinquent after the 15th of the month in which billed. A 5% penalty shall be added to all monthly bills following non-payment for the use of utilities. If such bills are not paid on or before the end of business on the 15th day of the month, after the same are due and payable, utility service will be discontinued on the 1st working Tuesday of the following month. To reconnect, a fee of $50 for residential customer and $100 for commercial will be required.


At no time is a customer authorized to interfere with or alter the City of St. Robert utility meters. Please contact us at 573-451-2000 ext. 1305 if there are any problems.

Additional Information

You are a valuable customer and as such, your questions and comments are important to us. Please feel free to call, write, or visit us with your concerns. The following is a listing of helpful phone numbers. Once again, welcome to the City of St. Robert. If you have any questions, please call 573-451-2000, ext. 1104 or contact us at the phone number and/or email linked on the right.


  • Cable America Phone: 573-336-5284
  • Embarq Phone: 800-788-3500
  • Fidelity Communications Phone: 800-691-5614