St. Robert Knox-Box System

The City of St. Robert recognizes the importance and need of providing the fire department rapid entry into locked buildings. Delays in the fire department gaining rapid entry reduces the occupants chance of survival in a fire, the chances for substantial property damage increases because of delays in gaining entry to the structure and fire fighter safety and survival may be compromised because of such delays. Therefore, on May 2, 2011, City Council passed an ordinance establishing a Knox-Box System whereby Saint Robert Police and/or Fire Department can gain access to locked premises to render assistance.

Approved key boxes (presently those manufactured by Knox Company) shall be installed in an accessible location with respect to all newly constructed commercial and industrial buildings, and existing commercial and industrial buildings that require a change of occupancy (use) inspection. Such box shall be accessible by the St. Robert Fire Department and Police Department, and shall contain keys for building access as required by Fire and Police Officials. Please see the Ordinance (PDF) for information of what structures are required to comply with ordinance. 

Additional Information

For more information regarding Knox-Box safety and reliability or visit the Knox-Box website