Emergency Notifications from St. Robert & Pulaski County


Sign Up For Hyper-Reach Notifications and Stay Informed

The City of St. Robert has joined with Pulaski County Office of Emergency Management and other Pulaski County municipalities to offer our citizens a notification system that would help keep people informed. All you need to do is sign up.  Signing up is fast and easy and it will give you the flexibility to receive your notifications by phone call, text message or by email.  

You may be asking "Why do I need to sign up?"  The answer to that question is that this notification system is one that will keep you informed of happenings in your city and, if you choose, will automatically notify you of any dangerous weather conditions in our area or coming our way.  

An example of its use took place on Tuesday, Oct. 17, 2023 when the City of St. Robert experiences a water main break on Eastlawn Avenue causing a Boil Advisory for part of the city.  With this system, the City was able to get the word out to over 4,000 contacts (email, phone, text) in a matter of minutes, letting everyone know of the advisory.  This is just one example of how this system can be utilized and what it is capable of doing to help us keep you informed.  Other examples would be: floods, fires, severe weather, public health alerts, criminal activity, traffic concerns/delays, loss or changes in utilities services, and other emergency situations.

We encourage all Pulaski County citizens to sign up for this notification system. To sign up all you have to do is do one of the following and follow the instructions.  If assistance in doing this is needed, please contact Mark at City Hall at 573-337-5549.

Go to: http://hyper-reach.com/mopulaskisignup.html

Call: 573-433-8083

Text "alerts" to 573-433-8083

Information is Power. Make sure you have the information you need to stay safe and protected!

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